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CFCE Staff

Kathleen Hambrose

Kathleen Hambrose is CFCE’s Office Manager in Marlton.

With great finesse, Kathleen manages all aspects of client accounting including receipts, invoices and insurance billing.  If anyone has a question about these issues, we ask Kathleen!…

Michelle Mather

Michelle Mather, BA is an Administrative Assistant in the CFCE Medford office.

We count on Michelle to keep our CFCE of Medford office running smoothly! She manages and organizes the office schedules, professional records, and building operations. Michelle is also responsible for all aspects of client…

Maureen Lankford

Maureen Lankford has been an important part of our practice in Marlton for over five years. Everyone enjoys Maureen’s warm and caring style, as she juggles office tasks while helping clients and…

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