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LGBTQIA+ Counseling Services

Our counseling services are for everyone.

Growing up is challenging. Societal rules and expectations change from early childhood to adolescence, into adulthood. Growth and loss continuously see-saw, creating a need for equilibrium and safe ground. That safe ground rests on our sense of self-worth, the nurturance from our loved ones, and a secure pathway to a happy future. For some, this security and safety feels impossible to find. 

We become more emotionally and physically aware of the nuances of our identities as our brains and bodies develop. As we grow and explore how we express who we are, the harsh reality that in most spaces, we may not be accepted as we are, can hit us very hard. For all of us, our self-worth is deeply rooted in how we are perceived by and valued by society and those we love. We know we are human, and that this is who we are, but exclusion, isolation, and discrimination we may face in our lives can be an extremely heavy burden to bear. It’s unfair, it’s cruel, and it’s not our fault.

How do I find an LGBTQ+ therapist?  What is LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy?

If you were rejected, excluded, or didn’t see yourself reflected and represented in gender and/or sexual binary structures, you may have developed a misleading and untrue understanding of yourself that causes you to question where or how, or if, you fit in. Members of the LGBTQIA+ communities often feel a sense of “otherness” and isolation, which can cause trauma and lead to depression and anxiety. It’s important to have a trusted other and a safe space to discuss feelings of hopelessness and suicidal thoughts if they arise. We are here to address all of your concerns, whether they be struggles with your partner or partners, experiencing transphobia or homophobia at school, at work, or with your family of origin, finding community, connecting with affirming resources, or if you just need a place to be seen and validated.  

Here at CFCE, your identities are validated, valued, and respected. If you struggle or have struggled in the past with navigating your identities and coping with the exclusion and fear, we are here for you. In our offices, you will be welcomed, seen, and safe to express your authentic selves. We are here to meet you where you are on your journey. 

This is a journey of resilience, of celebration, and humanity. With our intersecting identities, every member of the LGBTQ+ communities has a unique experience in how we move through this world. While the impact of exclusion and discrimination is very real, we also recognize that your struggles can exist regardless of your identities. Here, we do not pathologize your identities and do not assume that you are requesting support because of your identity. We see you, all of you, and we are here for all of it. 

CFCE therapists and staff care deeply for individuals and individual experience. We are here to bear witness to your struggle, and validate your losses (and gains!), and pain. We create a safe and affirming space as a therapeutic community. We offer individual, family, relationship, and group counseling for people of all identities. 

We see you. Contact CFCE if you’d like to see us, too.