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Are you struggling to put your life back together after a divorce?  Divorce usually represents a great loss for most of us, even if we know it was the right decision.

Perhaps you are seeking advice on meeting personal goals in this new life chapter.

Make a plan to prioritize YOU.  Most adults who divorce are challenged to find any time at all for themselves. 

There is the additional stress of juggling family life, work, and other responsibilities on your own.  Some of us feel isolated and have lost meaningful social groups and friendships.

The emotional distress experienced before, during and after a divorce is real and can lead to feelings of inadequacy, grief, depression and anxiety.  Financial concerns are also common. 

 Our Therapists can support you to clarify goals, heal from emotional pain, and help you find your personal compass for a new life direction.

Therapy can help you identify your strengths and the resiliency that has carried you for a long time, and will support you as you rediscover who you are and what you want from life.