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Anxiety / Panic

Help for Anxious Children and Teens during COVID 

Is it normal for your child or teen to be feeling anxious right now?

The rapid and dramatic changes in our everyday lives caused by COVID-19 can be difficult to navigate without feeling some level of worry, dread, loss and even panic. However, some children and teens may exhibit signs of not being able to cope well enough on their own. Young people are feeling especially alone, without their typical support groups, activities, and friends.

If you are concerned that your child is experiencing difficulties, such as having a hard time managing their emotions, we want you to know that online therapeutic services are easy to access and available now.

The good news is that all children and teens have their own unique strengths and resources! Our young clients are using online therapy sessions for much needed reflection and expression, and even finding solutions to their problems with the guidance of a supportive professional. This is a time when ‘screen time’ means something truly beneficial.

The therapists at CFCE are trained in evidence-based approaches that can help your child identify and practice positive coping strategies.

We also offer groups for children and teens where they can share and connect with peers who are going through similar experiences.

Online therapy can help your child or teen manage anxiety and feel better — despite very challenging times.