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For so long, anxiety has dictated your life. Your racing thoughts and worries occupied your mind, keeping you from living in the present moment. You avoided certain situations due to fear that something bad will happen. You may have experienced panic attacks that have been paralyzing and terrifying. Anxiety’s physical responses have taken a toll on your body as you experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, chest pain, headaches, and muscle tension. It is as though you have battled with anxiety time and time again, and it is still overwhelming. With the help of one of our therapists, you can reclaim your life.

Together with your therapist, you will:

  • Learn about what is happening in your brain and body when you feel anxious
  • Identify the causes of your anxieties and worries
  • Learn and practice skills to manage anxiety symptoms
  • Learn how to challenge unhelpful thinking patterns that exacerbate anxiety symptoms
  • Lean into the discomfort and gradually face your fears

You will find that you are stronger and more capable of dealing with uncomfortable and uncertain situations than you realize. If you are noticing anxiety’s impact on your life, contact us at: or 609-714-8400  – we would love to help.