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Art Therapy

The power of art is well stated by Susanne Langer, the American Philosopher and Writer who said, “Art is the creation of forms symbolic of human feelings.”

Artist Georgia Okeefe spoke of the power of art by stating, “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way-things I have no words for.”

Benefits of Art Therapy

* Children can release emotions and concerns in a child-centered manner through a combination of art-making and talking.

* Art therapy is a child-friendly, nonthreatening way to express emotions, regardless of the ability to express words.

* Art therapy allows children to access feelings and sensory information that may be stored in parts of the brain or a body, such as trauma memories or difficult emotions.

* Art creations are a tangible and concrete way to visualize an experience and process information in a supportive environment.

* Art therapy provides a strength-based intervention where children can create their own solutions and envision their own strengths and positive connections.