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Addiction is a disease, and it hurts. 

It hurts those who are struggling to find peace and comfort with a problematic coping strategy – and it hurts those who bear witness to their loved one’s suffering. The loss of control is palpable, and individuals and families are often left feeling powerless, helpless, and even hopeless.

Please know help is available!

For those suffering addiction, what once may have felt satisfying and protective, a powerful coping strategy, can quickly become a mechanism for loss and lack of control over one’s life and will. Addictions can be chemical, like medications, illegal drugs, and alcohol. Or, they can be behavioral, such as gambling, pornography, internet use, shopping, exercise, food, or even work. If you notice significant changes in mood, thought, or behaviors – in yourself, or a loved one, please know that there is help. As with any disease, reaching out for help is crucial. There is no expectation that one can overcome addiction on their own or through sheer willpower.

At CFCE, we offer both individual and family therapy to help those affected by the heartache of addiction. We know that recovery is unique to individuals; we honor and meet people where they are, without judgement. We also honor families, validate their pain, and support them to do the best they can do.

Recovery is about regaining control over one’s life, reestablishing trust, and rebuilding connection, within oneself, and in relationship with others.

Whether you are experiencing the negative impact of addiction yourself, or as a concerned loved one, please consider contacting us TODAY. We are here for that first step, to support you, and to help find new strategies to cope, and realistic and hopeful paths to recovery.