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Dear Mom, How Are You? (Part 2)

Dear Mom, How are you?

(Part 2)

By Kim McDonald


Dear Mom,

How are YOU?

Since the impacts of Covid-19, you’ve have hit the ground running and haven’t stopped. You’ve navigated through months of challenges, stress and sacrifices and it has not been easy. But…most things of true and lasting value don’t come easy.

Ask any parent of a newborn, a dietician, teacher or physical therapist. Ask any artist, engineer, novelist or even a professional athlete. They will tell you of the countless tries (wins and fails), daily determination, hope, and hard work that led them to success.

My hope is that after several difficult months of balancing your partner and children’s well being, finances, job responsibilities and everything else that Covid-19 has impacted, you’ve discovered the valuable treasure that taking care of you is taking care of everything else (both for today and the long run).

Making your mental, emotional and physical health a priority does not mean you are sacrificing your children, partner, job or any other responsibility. It means that you are becoming even more equipped to succeed.

You are teaching your children the importance of their self-worth by modeling self-care. Just as a flight attendant encourages passengers to first put the air bag on themselves before placing it on another individual, your mind and heart must be working at full capacity in order to help those around you.

Wherever we are in this pandemic, (still) beginning, middle or end, it is not too late to begin taking care of yourself.

Here are a few simple questions to ask:Here are a few simple questions to ask:

Mental Health:  Have I allowed myself to hope again? Do I believe that I am worth prioritizing?  Am I using positive coping methods to handle stress and fear?

Physical Health: Have I developed the positive habit of exercising or moving my body everyday? Have I gifted myself with healthy food and fresh water? Have I prioritized rest and not allowed anxiety to leave me sleep deprived?

Emotional Health:  Do I let myself feel my feelings (as opposed to repressing, ignoring or projecting them)?  Do I have healthy boundaries with toxic people?  Am I able to receive love and words of affirmation?

If you answered “Yes”, keep going!  We are rooting for you!

If you answered, “No”, please know there is hope and it is never to late.

The therapists at The Center for Counseling and Education are here for you.  We understand that you may not even know where to begin.  Or you may know exactly where you want to start.  Regardless of where you are in your journey, we are here to take that first step with you.

Disclaimer: By shining a light on your role as a mom by no means is meant to take away from your partner’s role or successes.  We are rooting for their success as much as they are rooting for yours.