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If you are feeling stuck and are interested in a more goal-oriented, future-focused approach, Toni Bannon provides coaching in several areas. 

Toni has a Master’s degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology, with a focus on couples and families, and has fulfilled a year-long internship program as a therapist intern. She is now working towards licensure as a Marriage and Family therapist. Previous to her master’s program, Toni gained 20 years of experience as a competitive gymnastics coach. She has the skills to provide psychoeducation and understands how to build confidence and break down mental blocks. Structuring a plan and working towards short and long-term goals is something she sees value in, and enjoys doing. 

Below are the areas of coaching that Toni can provide. Most of the time, these will overlap with each other. You can let us know where you are feeling stuck and Toni will work to address your unique barriers, goals, and strengths.

Anger Management: That 0-100 feeling can be frightening, and even frustrating. Feeling out of control hurts on the inside and can affect outside performance and relationships. Anger is OK, but when it starts to take the wheel, things can get a little “Eh…” Let’s identify triggers, develop skills, and work towards a more mindful approach to anger. Ages 11+

College and Career: What do you want to be when you grow up? Don’t get me started on the pressure of that question! When you have no idea what to do next, we can work together to develop a plan. Ages 17+

Confidence and Empowerment: We can’t move forward without feeling like we are capable or sure of ourselves. Confidence and empowerment coaching can help identify your strengths and how they can help you move towards friendships, trying out for the team, or going for that job you’ve always dreamed of! Ages 6+

Mindset and Motivation: Sometimes a shift in perspective is all we need to make huge changes in our lives. Whether you want to gain more gratitude, work a positive spin into your daily challenges, or shift from a fixed mindset to a growth one, coaching can help. Ages 6+

Parenting/Parent-Child Relationship: Does your child seem to be struggling and you don’t know how to help? Are you struggling with the challenges of parenting? Parenting is hard (so is being a kid!) and all the books and podcasts can be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s helpful to sit down with someone and brainstorm – your and your child’s relationship is a unique one! You and your child are unique. Having a coach to support you can be empowering. Ages 6+

Partner Relationship: As humans, we crave connection, especially when in a partnership! If you’re feeling stuck in your relationship, we can work on gaining perspective on where you are missing each other, finding your way back to shared goals and values, to moving towards deeper connection. Ages 18+

In the Spring of 2024, as a licensed MFT, Toni will be expanding her services to provide psychotherapy for those who would like to/could benefit from taking a deeper, more therapeutic view into how past experiences are influencing their present. 


Fee: $100 for a 45 – 50 minute coaching session.  (Toni’s fee will increase to $140 when she obtains licensure.)

Location: 50 South Maple Ave, Marlton, NJ and Virtual