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Nicole Walters

Meet Your Coach!

Nicole Walters, MA will be providing services as a coach for a goal-oriented and skills-based approach. If you’re feeling stuck on issues related to stress/anger management, college and career decisions, mindset, and/or social skills coaching can help create concrete strategies for change. Nicole also offers services in behavioral coaching for Exposure and Response Prevention for OCD as part of a treatment team with other licensed therapists at CFCE. Nicole recently graduated from Arcadia University with a Master’s in Counseling with a concentration in trauma and specialized training in child and family therapy. She completed her clinical internship program as a Therapist at CFCE and is now working towards licensure as a Licensed Associate Counselor. Below is more information regarding areas of coaching that Nicole can provide to address barriers, goals, and strengths. Many areas will overlap!

Below are the areas of coaching that Sophie can provide:

Anger Management (Ages 8+) – Have you noticed either you or your child feeling out of control with anger? Coaching can help you understand the way anger and intense emotions “takes over”, often making you feel more depleted and frustrated in your interactions. Nicole can help identify triggers, build skills in emotional literacy and coping, and develop a plan for a more effective approach to anger. 

Stress Management (Ages 8+) – Feeling overwhelmed with day to day stress? Nicole can help address various stressors and provide clients with a “tool-kit” for how to care for the mind and body through life’s daily stress. This can look like identifying stressors, building skills in stress reduction, practicing regulation and mindfulness, and working within your values to experience a greater sense of calm. 

College and Career (17+) – Prior to joining the counseling field, Nicole had a background in supported employment in which she worked closely with employees and employers in increasing job-related independence and satisfaction. If you are feeling stuck regarding decisions and goals related to college and career, Nicole has the experience to help build a clear understanding of your values, goals, and options for increased fulfillment. 

Mindset (8+) – Nicole can help you work on shifting your perspective to experience more gratitude, positivity, mindfulness, and growth in day to day life. This can look like understanding present barriers, figuring out your goals, and practicing skills/activities that focus on cultivating gratitude and mindfulness day to day. 

Social Skills (8+) – If you ever felt like you wanted more out of your social relationships but you aren’t sure how to meet that goal, Nicole can help build your awareness and skills in social interactions by working on effective communication, understanding boundaries, and increasing emotional literacy. 

Behavioral Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP) (all ages) – Struggling with the cycle of obsessions and compulsions? Nicole can join your treatment team by providing an exposure-based approach that is supported by research to significantly lessen OCD-related distress. This service can be offered in-office, virtual, or in-home depending on client needs. 


Next Steps for Coaching:

To schedule a coaching session with Nicole or to ask for more information, click the scheduling button below.

Nicole will be expanding her services to provide psychotherapy when she becomes a Licensed Associate Counselor, and will be able to offer a deeper approach with the use of clinical modalities such as play therapy, sandtray therapy, CBT and ERP, and Emotionally Focused Family Therapy. 

Fee: $100 for a 45 – 50 minute coaching session.  (Nicole’s fee will increase to $140 when she obtains LAC licensure.)

Location: 19 East Main Ave, Marlton, NJ — and Virtual